original Japanese version: デコ苗スポット検索ツール

related: 🌱Pikmin Bloom Decor List Recorder (English) NEW!!

I made a convenient Pimin Bloom tool. (Also for training JavaScript)

Using OpenStreetMap (OSM), this webtool searches some spots which can produce Decor Pikmin seedlings.

Because NIANTIC is using OSM as map resource, OSM data has relevance to Pikmin Bloom Decor data.
e.g.) If you find a spot with a tag "aeroway=aerodrome", you will get seedlings of airplane Decor Pikmin at the place.

Note: Niantic uses not only OSM as map data.
(I don't know what other resource Niantic uses)
So, some spot which is not registered in OSM can't appear in this tool...
(Strength of OSM depends on the type of Decor)

If you felt this webtool convenient, please introduce to your friends!



Pikmin Bloom Decor Spot Searcher

◆ 地名
◆ デコ
◆ スポット候補一覧を取得
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◆ 結果リスト

Useful Links

  • pikmin-finder.net
     Users collecting spot information which users picked up Decor Pikmin seedlings.
     (almost all information is of Japan)


Thank you for finding / collecting various information.
This tool could not be completed by only oneself.


  • 22/04/22: relation bug fix
  • 22/04/21: Add blue marker to polygon type spot (way)
  • 22/04/20: Button "Google Search" add
  • 22/04/18: Sushi Restaurant add, not found process change
  • 22/02/18: Use official map pin icon as markers
  • 22/02/17: Layout change
  • 22/02/09: English version release



  • Hi, i see no have snow or rain pikmin. Is possible add? -- Belit[TAWxrLKtvMQ]🇪🇸 2024/03/12 (火) 09:44:55
    • Thank you for commenting!
      rain / snow pikmins can be found everywhere.
      If the weather is rainy on the roadside, the roadside pikmin will become weather pikmin. -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2024/03/26 (火) 20:57:14

  • Hi, is it possible to add chinese restaurants (cuisine=chinese)? They are needed to find the Ramen Pikmin.
    cuisine=noodle or cuisine=ramen do not work in germany
    Thanx -- 名無し[HUCnMtbN7FA]🇩🇪 2023/12/09 (土) 00:30:22
    • Thank you for reporting!
      I'll add cuisine=chinese later. -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2023/12/11 (月) 19:26:36

  • hello! this is a great tool! i wanted to ask though, that the new Decor Pikmin get added. just recently a Ramen Restaurant was added, along with some others like Italian Restaurant for pizzas. could these be added to this tool? thank you!! -- Alice[WgbzfTw40C.]🇺🇸 2023/04/17 (月) 01:33:38
    • Thank you for reporting!
      I add Ramen Restaurant just a while ago.

      Thank you for using this tool! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2023/04/18 (火) 13:50:16

  • Hi, thanks for making this! However Hong Kong is not a registered place name? I tried “ Hong Kong”, “Hongkong” and all sorts of variation but no luck :( -- Moon[6pikNO43H2c]🇭🇰 2022/04/09 (土) 17:04:21
    • Sorry for the delay...
      I have fixed this strange bug.
      Now searching with words "香港" "Hong Kong" "hongkong" are all working correctly.
      Thank you very much for reporting!! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/04/18 (月) 19:38:11

  • Hello! Thank you for this tool! I have one suggestion: currently if you search for a tag "on the map" but no results are found, it resets the map to a default location in NYC. This is an inconvenience when searching one place for multiple tags. It would be better if a failed search did not move the map. Thanks! -- Kirin[eelntKCh3Dw]🇺🇸 2022/04/09 (土) 02:47:27
    • I have changed the process.
      Now, message "(No spot were found)" will be shown.
      Thank you for advising!! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/04/18 (月) 19:27:48

  • Feel free to leaving any comments! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/02/09 (水) 08:21:00

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