• Hi, i see no have snow or rain pikmin. Is possible add? -- Belit[TAWxrLKtvMQ]🇪🇸 2024/03/12 (火) 09:44:55
    • Thank you for commenting!
      rain / snow pikmins can be found everywhere.
      If the weather is rainy on the roadside, the roadside pikmin will become weather pikmin. -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2024/03/26 (火) 20:57:14

  • Hi, is it possible to add chinese restaurants (cuisine=chinese)? They are needed to find the Ramen Pikmin.
    cuisine=noodle or cuisine=ramen do not work in germany
    Thanx -- 名無し[HUCnMtbN7FA]🇩🇪 2023/12/09 (土) 00:30:22
    • Thank you for reporting!
      I'll add cuisine=chinese later. -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2023/12/11 (月) 19:26:36

  • hello! this is a great tool! i wanted to ask though, that the new Decor Pikmin get added. just recently a Ramen Restaurant was added, along with some others like Italian Restaurant for pizzas. could these be added to this tool? thank you!! -- Alice[WgbzfTw40C.]🇺🇸 2023/04/17 (月) 01:33:38
    • Thank you for reporting!
      I add Ramen Restaurant just a while ago.

      Thank you for using this tool! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2023/04/18 (火) 13:50:16

  • Hi, thanks for making this! However Hong Kong is not a registered place name? I tried “ Hong Kong”, “Hongkong” and all sorts of variation but no luck :( -- Moon[6pikNO43H2c]🇭🇰 2022/04/09 (土) 17:04:21
    • Sorry for the delay...
      I have fixed this strange bug.
      Now searching with words "香港" "Hong Kong" "hongkong" are all working correctly.
      Thank you very much for reporting!! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/04/18 (月) 19:38:11

  • Hello! Thank you for this tool! I have one suggestion: currently if you search for a tag "on the map" but no results are found, it resets the map to a default location in NYC. This is an inconvenience when searching one place for multiple tags. It would be better if a failed search did not move the map. Thanks! -- Kirin[eelntKCh3Dw]🇺🇸 2022/04/09 (土) 02:47:27
    • I have changed the process.
      Now, message "(No spot were found)" will be shown.
      Thank you for advising!! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/04/18 (月) 19:27:48

  • Feel free to leaving any comments! -- pan (author)[tEHSV4HdvQ2] 2022/02/09 (水) 08:21:00