original Japanese version: [[【ピクミンブルーム】デコ取得状況メモツール🌱>PikminBloomDecoListRecorder]]

related: [[Pikmin Bloom Decor Spot Searcher (English)>PikminBloomSpotSearcher_English]]

This is a useful tool that allows you to note down the completion status of Decor Pikmin.


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*Contents [#hae11252]

*Pikmin Bloom Decor List Recorder [#bd6b1b83]

**How to use [#gb7505a2]
Your browser will remember how many Decors you've earned.
Your browser will remember how many Decors you have earned.
Please note that data will not be saved if you use a private window.

Tapping a cell will toggle the mark as follows:
(blank) ⇒ 🌱 ⇒ 🚶 ⇒ 👑 ⇒ (blank)

|(blank)|Haven't found yet|
|🌱|Picked up the seedlings|
|🚶|Pikmin was born (not Decor yet)|
|👑|Got the Decor!|

You can switch rows at once by tapping the red part at the left end of the row.

**Settings description [#f0e9eb06]

%%%''Hide completed Decors''%%%
You can hide Decors with all colors "👑".
(It will be troublesome if the row disappears due to a wrong tap, so rows will not be hidden immediately after completion.)

If you want to display it again, please uncheck it.
'''Note: The row will not be hidden until all subcategories are completed.'''

%%%''Switch (blank)⇔👑 directly''%%%
This option allows you to skip "🌱🚶" and switch directly to "👑".
Might be good for filling the first cell.

%%%''Use state "❓"''%%%
Normally the cell changes like 👑⇒(blank), but if you turn on this option, the cell changes like 👑⇒❓⇒(blank).
Use for seedlings with large seedlings or multiple Decor.

%%%''Color order''%%%
Specifies the column order.

%%%''User row''%%%
When you enter characters, a row of those characters will be added to the table from the next page drawing.
You can add rows as many as you like. Separate characters with commas or periods.

'''Note: Each line is memorized by %%%its position in the list%%% of additional lines.'''

You can convert the table status into a string. Save it in the memo app.
There are many ways to use it, such as preparing for data loss or transferring to another smartphone.

*Updates [#f2bda713]
-24/04/02: English version release

*Comments [#bcdbef87]

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